By this point, it’s likely that you’ve been producing a significant portion of your print on digital presses. (Stevens installed it’s first Xerox iGen in 2007 and a second one in 2010.) Digital presses have made both quick-turn and short-run, high-end projects more feasible and cost-effective. But their ability to print variable data is often underutilized.

A database driven print job can be as simple as adding a personalized greeting or as complicated as customizing the images and copy each customer receives. Use the data you’ve collected about your customers to tailor sales or messaging to their individual tastes. You might also use the technology to drive your prospects to personalized landing pages on the Web in a multi-channel marketing campaign. Visit our demo site.

However you want to use variable data printing, your Stevens rep will be able to walk you through the entire process. It’s not as difficult as you might believe!