Over the past 15 years, digital printing has revolutionized the printing industry. Shorter runs of high quality color printing are possible without breaking the bank, and variable data printing has made personalization and one-to-one marketing a reality. StevensIS is one of a small handful of companies in the Portland area that has chosen to install a Xerox iGen 4 digital press. Why is that important?

OUTSTANDING IMAGE QUALITY: Xerox Matte Dry Inks do not have the “shine” sometimes associated with digital printing and looks amazing on both coated and uncoated stocks. A built-in spectrophotometer ensures that the press stays in calibration and is printing consistently sheet-to-sheet.

LARGER SHEET: At 26″ x 14.33″, the iGen 4 also boasts the industry’s largest available sheet size. It is now possible to digitally print your landscape oriented saddle-stitched booklets, 6-page brochures and short-run pocket folders.

We’ve earned some new fans since installing this press and invite you to try it for yourself. Give us a shot at your next digital printing job. You’ll be happy you did!