The business card is the universally accepted ice breaker for business opportunists.

Ever try to refuse an offer of a business card that is handed to you by someone? It’s very difficult. Social manners require us to extend our hand, accept the card, read it and say “nice to meet you”.

P1010204What better way to create conversation with someone than to hand them your business card and introduce yourself?

All of us have been somewhere and wanted to approach a potential prospect, only to realize we didn’t have a business card in our pocket (Darn it!).

Recent talk suggests that mobile devices may replace the ubiquitous business card. Extending your smart phone to someone while saying “Can I electronically give you my business card?” just doesn’t flow quite right. Technology may allow it to happen, but it seems awkward and clumsy.

Why not spruce up that pulp filled, inked-up piece of paper you carry in your wallet? It can help you make a lasting first impression.

Choosing paper with felt, stipple or other finishes gets great reviews. How about the thickness of your card? Is it wimpy and floppy? Go thick and rigid to add “pop” to your image. How about a QR Code so prospects can scan an offer that creates that first order?

Don’t let opportunity slip through the hands of your prospect with a lifeless business card. Dress it up and create conversation that can lead to long-term partnerships.

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