4 areas to better leverage your print sales rep:


Layout and design: Paper comes in a few standard sizes. Part of pricing and planning a job is determining the best way to lay out the sheet. Involving your rep before you finalize your layout is a good idea. Sometimes a small size adjustment can save a lot of money. Understanding ink coverage is also important to the final press sheet layout, so the earlier we can get involved, the more successful we can be on press.

Paper selection: As we’ve mentioned in previous emails, there are seemingly endless paper options out there. Your account manager will be able to help you narrow down the choices after considering trim size, content and ink coverage, post-press finishing and bindery, and how the final piece will be used.

Project management: You have a lot going on and your rep is more than an order taker. A clear understanding of your schedule and expectations will allow us to manage your project effectively so you can focus on other things. We’re on it and will call if we hit a snag.

Shipping expenses: Good project management leads to savings in shipping costs. Each of the items above can affect ship dates and the difference between ground shipping and more expedited services can be huge. Talk with your rep about a “workback” schedule on projects with critical ship dates. Maybe we can save a day or two.

It’s important to remember that your account manager is one of the primary differences between working with us versus one of the faceless online print sites. Take advantage of us and let us add value to your next project.