Call me crazy, but I still enjoy going to the mail box and sorting through the daily mail.

Similar to reading the morning newspaper, it is part of my daily routine, repetitive and necessary, providing much needed balance to my otherwise hectic schedule.

Multichannel-mktg-300x300It still amazes me how much direct marketing is sent via “snail mail” such as magazine subscriptions, postcards, invitations and newsletters. A few items will grab my attention, but many hit the round file faster than my day-old leftovers in the fridge.

Capturing the attention of your target and getting them to act immediately is the key. Recently, a client of mine had asked if there was anything StevensIS could suggest to help them increase attendance at their annual fundraising event. They were promoting the event with one save-the-date postcard and a postcard invite. We suggested a multi-channel approach using web, mobile, and print to “touch” the prospect multiple times, eliciting a call-to-action and improving attendance at the event. Our plan of attack unfolded as follows;

  1. Save-the-date postcard with accompanying email blast. The postcard included a QR code with an embedded video appeal from their CEO.
  2. Printed invitation with accompanying email blast. The invitation included a personalized URL, linking to a website that featured quick and simple registration for their event.
  3. Confirmation email sent to each attendee confirming their registration and reminding them of the event date.
  4. Email reminder one week prior to the event, reiterating how important their attendance would be to the success of the event.
  5. Thank you email to all attendees the afternoon following the event.

How were the results? They increased attendance 18% over the previous year.

Using new technology to invigorate a stale campaign is easy. Give us a call and we’ll put our experts to work to for you.