These templates make it that easy to bring your marketing or personal projects into the 3D realm.


Whether it’s a place setting for a corporate event or a takeaway for a guest at a wedding, these templates are brilliant solutions for adding a touch of something extra. Customize each piece with our variable printing capabilities. You design; we make it personal.

How to Use these Templates:
1. Download the correct PDF template.
2. Open the template in Adobe Illustrator (or your preferred software) and begin building your design in the “your artwork” layer, directly on top of the template. Try to maintain all artwork and type inside the blue “live area” boxes. Any portion of your design that falls outside of the live area could experience a shift in color when printed.
3. When your file is ready to send to us, turn off the “info box” and “template” layers and save as a PDF. Done!

Cube Box (4” x 4”)

Golfball Box (5” x 1.7” x ”1.7”)

Gift Box (Pillow Box, 6.85” x 3.55” x 1.1”)

For questions regarding pricing or other template offerings, please email