How to Integrate Your Efforts Across Marketing Mediums

Marketing has changed a great deal in the last decade. Print, TV and radio advertising have been joined by online and mobile marketing. While tackling these new marketing frontiers can offer big benefits for businesses, it’s important to incorporate traditional marketing techniques such as print too. When you bring your print and digital branding strategies together, you’ll be able to leverage the best of both markets.

Bringing Together an Odd Couple

Making your print and digital strategies work together doesn’t have to be tough. Start with simple strategies such as including a contact email or website address in your print ads. If your business runs coupons in a local paper, publicize them via your social media profiles so that your online followers can connect with you offline too.

It’s a good idea to incorporate social networking information with print advertising when possible. Many companies have had success with hashtag campaigns launched in print. These types of campaigns ask your readers to join an online conversation by appending a hashtag on relevant social media posts. Depending on the campaign, you may want to include geolocators such as Portland, PNW or PDX in your hashtag.

Driving potential customers to your website via print advertising can be as simple as writing a strong call-to-action that lets consumers know they can reach you via email. If you offer online tools that are helpful to potential buyers, make sure that you highlight those as well. In turn, you should also include your offline contact info in online ads and on your website. Make sure that your website visitors can find your business’s address or phone number without hassle.

It’s a good idea to put the marketing metrics you gather from your online campaigns to work in your print campaigns as well. Use your data to figure out where your followers spend their time, then make a point of advertising in those locations. Make sure that you don’t just duplicate your online ads as print ads or vice versa. Offer unique information in both types of ads so your target audience will want to follow you both online and offline.

Creating Consistency with Different Strategies

Bringing together your print and digital marketing campaigns also means creating unique content that still has strong elements of consistency. Including company colors, logos and other branding images in both online and offline campaigns will help your readers connect your company across mediums. You can also choose ads that have similar visual elements or styles.

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