Tips for Creating Custom Business Catalogs

Showcasing your business’s products and services is the ultimate purpose of a custom catalog. It’s a tangible resource for consumers, and creating a catalog is one of the most widely adopted marketing strategies in the world. Of course, the fact that catalogs are so commonplace means that it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. While you don’t have to create a novelty item, you do need to create intrigue. Here are five of our favorite strategies for elevating your catalog’s design.

Always think of simplicity first. If you’re choosing between multiple designs, stick with the most simple. A straightforward design makes information easy for readers to find. This means that every page in your catalog doesn’t need a new look, and it also means that you should avoid cluttering pages with unnecessary images or text. Of course, simple doesn’t mean boring. The right designer can make your catalog simple and daring at the same time.

Use visual elements to maintain consistency. Incorporating elements that tie everything together is what makes your catalog look professional. Consistency is a key feature of all standout catalogs but staying consistent doesn’t have to be boring. Create consistency by using layouts, shapes, colors and specialty fonts that can be found across your catalog.

Go with little design changes that make a big visual impact. Something as simple as choosing rounded corners instead of square edges for your catalog can totally change its look and feel. Incorporate different textures, work in accent pages or choose stitched binding so that your catalog really expresses what your organization is all about.

Venture outside standard materials. It’s possible for business leaders to order catalogs for years on end without ever thinking of doing anything but a glossy cover and magazine-style pages. However, an array of different materials can be used to elevate your catalog. From chipboard to recycled papers, they add texture and visual appeal while communicating an element of prestige.

Think outside the traditional format. It’s generally accepted that catalogs share a look and format similar to that of magazines. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. You can use an entirely different format such as a deck of cards or set of brochures to create a catalog. Check out this totally unique catalog that we worked with Giro to create. Its unique design does more than sell. It speaks to the essence of the brand.

Of course, working with an experienced custom printing company is key to taking your catalog’s design to the next level. At Stevens IS, we create stunning catalogs, brochures and books for organizations throughout the greater Portland area. If you need help with your catalog, get in touch with us today.