Designing Corporate Stationery that Stands Out

Whether you’re sending mail to prospective customers or handing out pamphlets at a trade show, your stationery is the first impression people receive of your business. The following tips can help you create a recognizable letterhead that builds your brand and promotes business growth.

Avoid Clutter

The letterhead on your stationery should contain only a few basic elements:

• Company logo
• Business name
• Physical address
• Email address
• Website
• Phone number
• Fax number, if applicable

When customers see this, they instantly know who you are and how to get in touch with you. Save more detailed information for the body of your printed communications. Trying to cram too much into the letterhead makes it hard to read and upsets the important balance of text, images and white space.

It’s All About the Brand

People who have visited your website should be able to recognize your company header on a mailing without having to think about where they’ve seen it before. Use the company logo as the basis for the fonts, colors and other design elements on your stationery. This creates consistent branding, an important part of business marketing. It also gives your stationery a streamlined look. Stick with one or two fonts so that the information is easy to read, and use color as a way to draw attention to the most important elements of the design.

Pay Attention to Details

The fonts, colors and images you choose for corporate stationery should draw attention in a memorable way. Consider what information is the most important for people to know, and design the header to emphasize it. Make use of various font sizes, and experiment with the alignment of different elements. Try to create a flow that directs the eye of the viewer along a path with a clear hierarchy.

Go With the Professionals

Professional logo and stationery designers know how to combine fonts, colors and images to create the desired effect on your target audience. Working with one of these printing services makes it easier to turn your vision of the perfect letterhead into a reality, and they will be able to suggest stylistic changes to give the design more marketing power. Their expertise can increase the impact that your stationery has on recipients, leading to better brand recognition and more responses.

At Stevens IS, we can turn your corporate letterhead into stationery that grabs attention the moment it’s received. Our Portland, Oregon shop is fully equipped to handle printing and promotional items to help you market your business and spread brand awareness to the widest possible audience.