Your Utility Player for Custom Printing Services

StevensHatIn order to serve both small businesses and large organizations alike, we have modeled ourselves after baseball’s utility player. Utility players are prized for their versatility; they can play several different positions in the field, they can bat, and many even pitch if the situation dictates. A broad variety of equipment and the diverse experience of our employees allow us to handle your traditional business printing services, high-end brochures and catalogs, direct mail, unique custom printing, and large format signs and banners. We also provide technology solutions like web-to-print portals and powerful tools for personalized marketing communications.

2 Responses to “Your Utility Player for Custom Printing Services”

  1. Ane Bakutis

    We are a small clothing company in Hawaii.
    all our designs are based on hawaiian cultural and our environment. we are looking to redo our hang tag in a sturdy paper with rounded edges so it won’t snag our clothing. the hang tag is a essential part of our clothing company as it tells the story of the design on the article of clothing and educates the buyer about our hawaiian history and issues. we need the hang tag to be printed on both sides. one side will stay the same on all our hang tags (includes our logo and some text). the other side of the hang tag has the printed story of the design on the shirt (just text). we usually release 2 clothing lines (in november and march) a year with 6-8 different designs (6-8 different hang tags). each design has between 500-1500 hang tags needed. please let me know if you can possibly work with us on developing our hang tags. Your company was recommended by Pinball Publishing. We created a scout book with them.

    • tylerincmyk

      Hi Ane,

      Thanks for reaching out. I’ve sent you an email to follow up.




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